"Babe do you know where my light brown suit jacket at?" Austin called after you. "Hanging on the door you stupid." You laughed and he came into the living room where you were at. He planted a kiss on you lips. "Where would I be with out you?" "Naked. And in my case. I wouldn’t mind that right now." He smirked and picked you up from the couch and started to kiss you, getting more intense before Mama knocked on the door. He pulled away seconds before she came in. "Time to go." You kissed Austin’s lips lightly and grabbed his hand and you both walked down stairs to the car. Mama was going in her owns with the rest of the boys while you and Austin went in a separate one. Once you guys got in you sat on top of Austin’s lap and wrapped your arms around his neck. He put his hands around your waist and started to kiss your neck. You lightly moaned and and ran your fingers through his hair. He the. Moved his lips to your collarbone and you moaned once more. He pulled back and you light sucked on his neck and he began to moan. You started to undo his jacket the driver in the front seat said through the speaker. "Mr.Mahone. We’re here." You sighed and got off of him. He lightly kissed you once more. "I’ll see you afterwards baby." "Go win your award and I’ll give you your prize later." You winked and he got off. Pictures of him doing his jacket and "sex hair" went all over the Internet and people would comment. "Woahhhhhh. Y/N and Austin got it going on." And "What do Y/N and Austin do in the car? (;" You shut your laptop off and waited for Austin to get him. He sure did get his prize that night.